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Cheap power is Power in numbers
As an individual we have very little bargaining power. As part of a membership as large as 200,000 people, we have the power to negotiate a better than ever before deal.
Get more with at cheap power prices
200,000 consumers enjoying significant savings speaks for itself. This new business model also has benefits beyond the savings on power and beyond benefits for the membership. Read whats in the star.
Sign up for the cheapest power prices ever
We just need to have numbers to then go and negotiate a deal - so there is no cost and of course you continue as you are with no risk attached.
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How It Works

By becoming a member of the 200k club we offer an amazing opportunity for you to join a 200,000 strong force to bargain hard to slash your power bills. When this magic number is reached the bargaining begins.

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We need Numbers and a small amount of info to make this proposition REAL.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?
Join if you are responsible for paying the power. When we expand into other areas of negotiations there will be opportunities for others to join the Club.
How can this be?
We are aiming to have 200,000 people sign up to this club at which time we believe we would have the Power in Numbers to be able to go to the power company and negotiate a deal that has never been possible before.
How cheap is my power going to be?
Wouldn’t it be fabulous to reduce your power bill by around 40%. This would mean a reduction of $80 per month on a current monthly bill of $200. It’s a saving of $960 over a 12month period. Though we cannot say at this time how cheap your power is going to be we expect the savings to be seriously significant.
No Risk, No Cost, All you do is sign up - Seems a bit suspicious?
We just need to have numbers to then go and negotiate a deal - so there is no cost and of course you continue as you are with no risk attached.
Will my personal details be given to power companies before any deal is struck?
NO. The information we have asked for is so we can contact you and to give us data that will inform our approach on the negotiations.
Why hasn't this been done before?
Wouldn’t you agree, we seem to want to overcomplicate things when it is just not necessary? Our philosophy is simple. As an individual we have little to no influence on how much we pay for any goods or service. As part of a membership as large as 200,000 people – the conversation is completely different. We have the power to negotiate a better than ever before deal.
What do you mean by Cheap power is only the beginning?
Remember our stand – Power in Numbers! Well this means we can then go on to other projects with our membership. Consider influencing how much we pay for:
  • Telephone Services
  • Internet Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Electronic Suppliers
  • Whiteware Suppliers
  • Vehicles
The list is endless
Who becomes our energy provider? Who is the contract with? Who do we pay to?
Your provider will be the one that has given the best deal. Negotiations will have ensured the terms and conditions and safety measures between you and the provider is enduring.
How did this idea come about?

The current business model is such that investors in a company are the ones who stand to win most from a customer / supplier relationship. The investors are usually small in number compared to the customers. If we go to the catch phrase – POWER IN NUMBERS – this changes the model so that the customer now has the power to change the relationship and where the customer receives a better deal.

The vision for the Club is “MORE4MORE”. More people get to enjoy the benefits of a better deal. The benefits are whatever is relevant for each person.

Contact Us

Email: info@200kclub.org.nz

Phone: 0223242540 or 073472863

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About 200K CLUB

The club is the brainchild of its founder Bella Moke. Bella has drawn inspiration from a career in various government departments, International business consulting and in NGO environments. Her aspirations are selfless, hence the vision for the club and it's future, is simply More4More.

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